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We are located in Scarborough and our gas expense to come to your premises are lower than any other scrap car removal company in the Greater Toronto Area. Therefore we can pay you the most cash for your scrap car in Scarborough! Check out our Scrap Car Removal Scarborough website for more details or call us now for a free junk car removal Scarborough quote.

We offer old car recycling and towing in Scarborough. We recycle your car parts in an eco friendly manner which is safe to the environment. We offer lower prices and more cash for scrap cars in Scarborough than any other auto recycling & junk car removal company in Scarborough.

We will come to your home or business anywhere in Scarborough and tow your old scrap car and pay you top dollars for your old cars.
We offer same day scrap car removal in Scarborough.

Call us today to get a free scrap car Scarborough quote.

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We Pay The Most Cash For Scrap Cars in Scarborough!

Although there are many auto wreckers in Scarborough that offer to pay you cash for your scrap cars, most of them will give you a very low price because it costs them a lot of money to come to your premises in Scarborough and pick up your junk car. We are located in Scarborough so we can offer you the lowest prices for scrap car towing in Scarborough. Call us today to get a quick quote for your junk car.

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Environmentally Friendly Auto Recycling Scarborough

When you chose to sell your old car to Scrap Car Removal Scarborough, you can rest assured that your old car will be recycled in the most eco friendly manner possible. We make sure that no part of your car becomes a hazard to our environment and that no fuel or liquids leak into our environment.

Interesting Statistics About Scarborough

Since 2006 the population of Scarborough has grown by 3% and Scarborough currently has a population of 625,930 people. The largest population in Scarborough is ages 24-44. The total number of dwelling in Scarborough is 211725. (Source Stats Canada)