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If you have an old car, van, SUV, or boat which you no longer need and would like to donate it to a Canadian organization of your choice, then you have come to the right place. We are your direct link to effective and honest car donation in Toronto.

Because most non-for-profit organization do not have the ability to directly accept vehicles as a form of donation, Scrap Car Removal Toronto has teamed up with several non-for-profit organizations to offer residents of Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area the ability to donate their old vehicles as a form of donation in Toronto.

Toronto Crap Car Donation

How Our Car Donation Toronto Works

1. You call us at (647) 444-7788 and we will arrange a free junk car donation pickup and towing anywhere in the Greater Toronto Area.

2. When we come to pick up the vehicle from your home, business or farm in Toronto & GTA our car donation analyst will tell you what your vehicle is worth.

3. We will pay you on the spot and you will be able to mail the net proceeds directly to the donation organization of your choice. Call us to find out which donations we support.

4. The Donation Foundation you choose will give you a receipt, which you can use for tax reduction purposes.

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How We Dispose Of The Vehicle You Donated

When we tow your vehicle from your property in Toronto & GTA for free, we will either sell your vehicle to our junk car vehicle partners, with whom we have developed strong business relationships over the years, or we will sell your vehicle for scrap metal and parts. Any net proceeds gained will be paid directly to you and through you to the Donation of your choice.

When we sell your scrap car donation for parts and scrap metal, we sell it to a company which uses the most eco friendly scrap car recycling methods available today. This ensures that no harmful liquids are spilled into our earth and water supply. Also many parts are re-used in other vehicles which is great for our environment.

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Free Vehicle Removal and Towing in Toronto & GTA

We take great pride in supporting great Canadian non-for-profit organizations with our Car Donation Toronto program. We offer our services free of charge to you and we work hard to dispose your vehicle in the most effective manner possible in order to send the most money to the non-for-profit organization of your choice.
When you donate your car through us, you can rest assured that your money will go a long way and that it will benefit those in need.

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How Your Car Donation Helps

Thanks to our scrap car donation Toronto program you are able to use the net proceeds of your old vehicle to support Canadian non-for-profit organizations making a positive change in Toronto and world wide.
Your car donation will go directly to the organization of your choice to help where you think your money will make the most difference.
There is no greater reward than helping those in need and here is your opportunity.

Help Those in Need by Donating Your Vehicle Todayā€¯