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Scrap Car Removal Toronto is a Toronto based scrap car removal and auto scrap yard in Toronto. We purchase scrap cars from residents of Toronto and pay top dollars for their scrap autos.
All the scrap autos that we purchase are recycled in the most effective way possible in our auto scrap yard in Toronto. The auto scrap yards use the the most effective auto recycling techniques which help our environment and recycle the car parts so they car be reused.

We Pick Up Your Auto For Free - No Need To Tow Your Auto To The Auto Scrap Yard in Toronto

Instead of paying to get your scrap car (which probably does not drive) towed to our auto scrap yard in Toronto we will come to your premises and pick up the scrap auto and pay you cash on the spot. We deal with owner transfers and make the entire process as easy as possible. Call us now for a free quote: (647) 444-7788

auto scrap car yard Toronto Prices

How Much Do We Pay For Scrap Cars?

If you take your vehicle directly to an auto scrap yard in Toronto you will get at most a couple hundred dollars for it. However Scrap Car Removal Toronto will pay you at least double of what you will get if you take your auto to and auto scrap yard in Toronto. The amount that Scrap Car Removal Toronto pays you for your scrap auto will depend on the model and make of the car, as well as the condition and parts usability. The fastest way to find out is to call us at (647) 444-7788 and ask for a free quote.

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Environmentally Friendly Auto Scrap Yard Toronto

When you sell your auto to Scrap Car Removal Toronto you can rest assured that you scrap auto will be recycled in our auto scrap yard in Toronto in the most eco-friendly manner available today. We make sure that each and every car part is recycled so that we reduce the impact on our environment.
To read more information about our scrap car recycling proccess clcik: scrap car removal